• Image of **Vinyl - Tim Easton - American Fork** LIMITED STOCK
  • Image of **Vinyl - Tim Easton - American Fork** LIMITED STOCK
  • Image of **Vinyl - Tim Easton - American Fork** LIMITED STOCK

We have a few copies of Tim's 'American Fork' on Vinyl - order quick!


1. Right Before Your Own Eyes (4:15)
2. Killing Time (4:23)
3. Elmore James (2:28)
4. Gatekeeper (3:15)
5. Burning Star (3:38)
6. Alaskan Bars Part 1 (4:21)
7. Now Vs. Now (4:16)
8. On My Way (4:41

AT THE HELM RECORDS, in conjunction with U.S. partners LAST CHANCE RECORDS, has signed Nashville based songwriter Tim Easton to release AMERICAN FORK. The album was produced and recorded at Club Roar in Nashville by Patrick Damphier (Mynah Birds, Field Days) and features the drummer Jon Radford (Steelism, Justin Townes Earle) Multi-instrumentalist Robbie Crowell (Deertick, Turbo Fruits) Bassist Michael Rinne (Steelism, Rodney Crowell) and pedal steel wizard Russ Pahl (Ray Lamontagne, John Hiatt) as the backing band.

For Easton's 9th LP, AMERICAN FORK certainly takes a more elaborate and arrangement-heavy path than past offerings. Throughout the album, unexpected and pivotal production merges with Easton's characteristic way with words. "I re-wrote the songs a lot, changed keys to suit the day, all the while making demos at my place in East Nashville,” Easton says. “The local format had grown somewhat predictable, so I had to stick a fork in people’s expectations and make something new at Club Roar. Not just to be different, but for the sake of walking forward. We aimed to change, and change we did. I feel very lucky to be able to make any kind of record with the amazing musicians in my neighborhood, but this one felt especially easy because of the way the way the band rallied and took the songs up a notch."

Born within a stone’s throw of the Niagara River in Upstate New York and raised in Akron, Ohio, Easton learned American Folk music and the history of Rock & Roll from the record collections of his older brothers and sisters-plus the various albums his Mother brought home from working at the library.

AMERICAN FORK is Easton’s 9th LP and the follow up to the critically acclaimed NOT COOL (Thirty Tigers) which was summed up perfectly in American Songwriter with this 4 star review.

"At just over a half hour, it’s not going to tax anyone’s patience but if there was ever an album you’d want to extend to twice as long, it’s this corker. So roll up your jeans, grab your favourite guy or gal, hop in the convertible, and let Tim Easton take care of the rest."

LAST CHANCE RECORDS is distributed by SONY/RED in North America, and ROUGH TRADE in Europe. AT THE HELM RECORDS are distributed by PROPER in the UK.