• Image of Two Cow Garage - Brand New Flag (CD)

The Columbus, Ohio-based rock band, Two Cow Garage, release their seventh studio album, Brand New Flag via Last Chance Records (US) & At The Helm Records (UK) on 6th January 2017.

1. Movies
2. Terror Ride
3. This Little Light
4. Brand New Flag
5. History Now!
6. A Lullaby Of Sorts
7. Let The Boys Be Girls
8. Shakespeare & Walt Disney
9. Beauty In The Futility
10. Continental Distance
11. I Promise
12. Stars

Brand New Flag comes on the heels of the band's acclaimed 2014 release, The Death of the Self-Preservation Society, and seeks to further elaborate the band's ever-broadening stylistic and songwriting methodologies. Powered by tight grooves and melodic arrangements, Brand New Flag works to firmly embed listeners in the heart of the Two Cow Garage universe; the record offers personal insights ripe with reflection on contemporary issues, as well as existential considerations that showcase the lyrical prowess of the band's two songwriters, Micah Schnabel and Shane Sweeney. This record fittingly sees Two Cow Garage enter its 15th year without any compromise of commitment, energy, or intent. Brand New Flag's 12 songs metaphorically demonstrate how one's worldview can simultaneously shape and be shaped by one's experience.
Recorded primarily at Kingston Springs, Tennessee's Bedbug Studios by guitarist/singer Todd Farrell, Jr., Brand New Flag showcases textures and dimensions that reflect the band's tight-knit, Art or Die ethos. The songs channel Two Cow Garage's energetic and straightforward live style and incorporate a multi-instrumental approach to composition. Mixed by Glossary's Joey Knieser, engineered/produced by Todd Farrell, Jr., and mastered by Nashville's Chris Frasco, the record, as an entity, grows and morphs through its 12 tracks into a construct that binds listeners to the band through the fabric of the human condition.
Brand New Flag stays true to The Death of the Self-Preservation Society's efforts to balance archetypical punk qualities with folk attributes. The songs work to honor their functional and theoretical origins. For example, "Movies", the record's opening track, builds a heartfelt and authentic groove of togetherness as, one-by-one, band members drop in to comment on what the societal, unnamed, collective "they" should do—a tongue-in-cheek reference to the problematic challenge to balance passion, art, and creativity with the relentless demands of the so-called real world.
Two Cow Garage has been one of the hardest-touring groups since their formation in 2001. In 2003, the band released their debut full-length, Please Turn the Gas Back On. Riding the strength of the album's opening track, "Been So Long", the band has mustered five additional full-length releases, a handful of singles, and a few solo efforts. Two Cow Garage has relentlessly paraded their brand of heart-wrenching, ferocious rock-n-roll— that calls to mind Nirvana, The Men, and Dinosaur, Jr.—through countless North American tours, as well as several European sojourns. Two Cow Garage’s 2010 release, Sweet Saint Me, not only managed to get airplay on WXPN's World Café, but it also found its way onto many critics' best-of lists. The follow-up, 2014's The Death of the Self-Preservation Society, opened additional critical doors and furthered the band's already far-reaching and much revered live prowess. Two Cow Garage has performed at numerous festivals including SXSW, CMJ, Kilkenny Rhythm ‘n Roots, and the Lucero Family Picnic, and has toured with acts like Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls, The Hold Steady, Drag the River, Slobberbone, and Lydia Loveless.