• Image of Porchlight Smoker - Water Into Sand (CD)

“Blended elements of jug band, blues and Celtic influences with their own 21st century take on roots….the result is an authentic Americana album that sits neatly in your collection even whilst looking to wider horizons” – Folk Radio UK

1. Mary Mary
2. Man in a Boat
3. Maria Kennedy
4. A Day in Mid-July
5. US75
6. Instead
7. Cleaner’s Rag
8. If I Had a Way
9. Waiting for a Train
10. Homeline
11. I Don’t Mind

‘Water Into Sand’ is the third album by Sussex based Roots / Americana band Porchlight Smoker, released via Dead Reckoning / At The Helm Records.

Originally formed as a duo in 2008 by Kent-born Fred Gregory (mandolin, guitars, vocals) and Scott Smith, from Wichita, Kansas (lap-steel, guitars, banjo, harmonica, clarinet, vocals), the band went on to add Steve Bell from Dundee (banjo, mandolin, guitars, vocals) and Scott Warman (double-bass, vocals). All four band members contribute to the songwriting, with each bringing a range of different musical influences to the table – from Celtic right through to American Roots – all perfectly blended to create their unique sound.

The band’s self-titled debut album was released in 2009, and described by one critic as “perfectly flawed”. Album number two – imaginatively titled ‘2’ – received national and regional airplay, along with some great reviews along the way…

“Porchlight Smoker are a lovely band” – Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

“A timeless record, fusing elements of folk, bluegrass and country. Not every day you hear so many instruments played – guitar, banjo, mandolin, double bass, sparse percussion and even a jew’s harp” – Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6

‘Water Into Sand’ is the perfect next step for Porchlight Smoker, featuring a majority of self-penned songs and drawing on the band’s multi-national and multi-instrumental talents to produce a fascinating blend of Roots, Folk and Americana.