• Image of Hans Chew - Tennessee & Other Stories (CD)

Hans Chew delivers powerful medicine, a resurrection of rock & roll as unique as it is traditional. It’s Jerry Lee Lewis on a Nick Cave trip; it’s Leon Russell tickling James Booker in the backseat of Little Richard’s Cadillac. Hans Chew’s 2010 debut album, Tennessee and Other Stories received four-stars from Rolling Stone Magazine who called it “fantastic... timeless...”.

1. Old Monteagle & Muscadine (Tennessee Part 1)
2. Carry Me Bury Me (Tennessee Part 2)
3. I Would There Was A Train (Tennessee Part 3)
4. New Cypress Grove Boogie
5. Long Time Man
6. Forever Again
7. Queen Of The Damned Blues
8. Magnet Moon
9. Words & Music
10. Only Son

Sounds like: Jerry Lee Lewis, Nick Cave, Leon Russell, James Booker.