• Image of Flash Bang Band - Bite Your Tongue (CD)

“This, my friends, is a band destined to go far. Listen and marvel” – BBC6 Music

“Looking like The Flaming Lips, but sounding like Pavement meets Mudhoney” – Brighton Source

After gaining a reputation as one of Brighton’s best live bands and winning many new fans with the release of their acclaimed recent single ‘If Your Driving, ‘Bite Your Tongue’ is the perfect step up from their previous material. The band draws on a myriad of influences to deliver an album packed full of effortlessly catchy chord progressions, and most importantly – some wondrous songs.

Recorded and produced at their home studio in Brighton by the band and Andrew Brothwell (ex- Crooked Mountain Crooked Sea), the eleven songs featured combine the hyperactive energy of early Blur with the scuzzy lo-fi indie rock of ‘Bakesale’ era Sebadoh, albeit played with their own distinct sound.

From the anthemic, hook fuelled guitar-pop of ‘Screw Come Loose’, via the slacker rock of the Pavement-esque ‘Young Rogue’, right through to the album finale ‘Good Excuse’ - Flash Bang Band have expertly crafted an album full of the sounds of garage-pop jangle.

1. Dananananafreud
2. Screw Come Loose
3. If You’re Driving
4. Thinking Above My Station
5. Rooting For The Underdog
6. Young Rogue
7. Convenient Excuses For Erstwhile Spooks Part 1
8. Art History
9. Dreams That Never Fade Away
10. Something New
11. Good Excuse

Sounds like: The Flaming Lips, Sebadoh, Mudhoney, Dinosaur Jr.