• Image of Eric Ambel - Lakeside (CD)

The guitar player, producer, songwriter's first album in 12 years is inspired by his beloved former bar, The Lakeside Lounge, and a super commitment to wildness in hi-fi.

1. Here Come My Love (4:05)
2. Hey Mr DJ (2:52)
3. Have Mercy (3:58)
4. Let’s Play With Fire (2:50)
5. Don’t Make Me Break You Down (4:58)
6. Massive Confusion (1:54)
7. Look at Miss Ohio (4:48)
8. Money (3:36)
9. Buyback Blues (4:57)
10. Cryin’ In My Sleep (3:24)

A deeply committed rocker as well as a thoughtful, crafty songwriter, Eric Ambel has made enduring music as a solo artist and as a member of the Del-Lords, the Yayhoos and countless incarnations of his own legendary combo Roscoe's Gang. His fiery, inventive guitar work has graced landmark albums by everyone from Steve Earle to Joan Jett to Run-DMC. And his production skills have enlivened recordings by a wide range of artists from across the musical spectrum.

The veteran singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer — known to his friends, associates and bandmates as Roscoe — has spent the past three and a half decades building a powerful body of raw, personally charged music that's earned him a far-reaching reputation as a rock 'n' roll original, while keeping him busy in his parallel careers as producer, sideman and collaborator.

Ambel applies his formidable interpretive skills to "Here Comes My Love,"an urban honky-tonk anthem written by his Del-Lords bandmate Scott Kempner; the slow-burning Gillian Welch/David Rawlings number 'Miss Ohio"; and a reading of the Motown classic "Money," delivered here in a raucous rendition that nods to Jerry Lee Lewis' Live At the Star Club version, a longstanding favourite on the Lakeside Lounge's legendary jukebox.

Other Lakeside highlights also include "Hey Mr. DJ," "Let's Play with Fire" and "Massive Confusion," all of which were written or co-written by fellow iconoclast and ex-Squirrel Nut Zippers leader Jimbo Mathus, an old friend and kindred spirit, whose 2013 album White Buffalo Ambel produced. Despite his own extensive production resume, Ambel chose to bring in Mathus as producer on Lakeside. "Jimbo hired me to produce him because he's smart enough to know that he shouldn't produce his own record, and I did the same," Ambel notes. “As the late Jim Dickinson said, self-producing is like self-dentistry.”

Ambel has built a prestigious resume as producer, bringing excitement and immediacy to notable recordings by the likes of the Bottle Rockets, the Blood Oranges, Nils Lofgren, Freedy Johnston, Mojo Nixon, Marshall Crenshaw, Blue Mountain, and The Backsliders.