• Image of Dean Owens - Southern Wind (CD)

A few things you should know. Dean Owens writes brilliant songs. He’s shared the stage with Rosanne Cash, Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, Jason Isbell, Patty Griffin and Gretchen Peters. Southern Wind is a glorious journey through the best of roots music and will win you over before the first track has finished.

1. The Last Song (04:00)
2. Southern Wind (04:29)
3. Elvis Was My Brother (03:46)
4. When The Whisky’s Not Enough (03:46)
5. Bad News (05:10)
6. No Way Around It (05:56)
7. Louisville Lip (04:39)
8. Anything Helps (03:55)
9. Mother (03:35)
10. Famous Last Words (04:25)
11. Madeira Street (03:03)
12. Love Prevails (04:03)

A son of Leith, the toughened sinew of a Scottish heritage runs through Dean Owens like suspension bridge cable. His is the pugilist’s stare, the poet’s heart, the scholar’s ear for the origins of his craft and an unflinching honesty; all worn lightly, wielded with respect. His music conjures the open road’s wild romanticism, whilst searching for and combining the primal sounds of two very different countries. In Dean’s songs you’ll hear the legacy of the open plains drifters and box-car jumpers, the perfume of Autumn heather, the copper burn of a single malt or a smoky late night bar-room bourbon, the unfettered enthusiasm of early rock ‘n’ roll coupled with the sympathetic delivery of folk’s storytellers. Betwixt and between and never less than fully engaged in all of it. Celtic spirit, Country soul.

Recorded at producer Neilson Hubbard’s Mr Lemons Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, Dean gathered together a roster of razor sharp US players (including award winning guitarist Will Kimbrough) and singers to bring an infectious, swampy groove to his finely honed pop sensibilities and searingly soulful voice.