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The Orphan Brigade - Heart Of The Cave

by The Orphan Brigade

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An album recorded in and inspired by Osimo, Italy, and the 2,500-year-old caves under its streets. Tunnels, secret societies and saints, life, death, spirituality, transformation, and mysticism

1. Pile Of Bones
2. Town Of A Hundred Churches
3. Osimo (Come To Life)
4. Flying Joe
5. V.I.T.R.I.O.L
6. Pain Is Gone
7. Alchemy
8. The Birds Are Silent
9. The Bells Are Ringing
10. Sweet Cecilia
11. Meet Me In The Shadows
12. There’s A Fire That Never Goes Out
13. Donna Sacra

Ben Glover, Neilson Hubbard, Josh Britt, Gretchen Peters, Barry Walsh, Kris Donegan, Heather Donegan, Dan Mitchell, Dean Marold, Will Kimbrough, Natalie Schlabs, Eamon McLoughlin, Audrey Spillman and Kira Small.

The opening strains of the Orphan Brigade's Heart of the Cave album feel ancient, sacred, and tribal. A drum beat. A shaker. A howling choir. Voices rise up in unison, chanting, "We ain't leaving but a pile of bones. We ain't leaving no more." The story begins at the end because, no matter which road we take, we all arrive at the same destination: death of the physical body. Embracing that one indelible truth takes faith and gives freedom, which is why reckoning with mortality fuels so many spiritual journeys, just as it fuels this artistic one.
To support their 2015 release, Soundtrack to a Ghost Story — which documented the Civil War-era history of a haunted house in Kentucky — Joshua Britt, Ben Glover, and Neilson Hubbard toured Europe, landing an invitation to explore Osimo, Italy, and the 2,500-year-old caves under its streets. The tunnels once hosted secret societies and saints who fought for God with body and soul, leaving their stories hidden within the cave walls. “When we walked into the caves, we knew immediately that we had another story full of life, death, spirituality, transformation, and mysticism,” Hubbard says. That was the moment the Orphan Brigade shifted from being a one-off project to being a band.